The Sun SSL-35 is a 3500 kg electro-hydraulic mid-rise scissor service lift, designed for use predominantly within tyre centres and small garages to lift cars and light commercial vehicles.

For smaller independent garages, optimising limited space while maintaining efficiency and productivity is paramount. One indispensable tool that can significantly enhance operations is a mobile service lift. Designed to provide flexibility, convenience, and improved workflow, a mobile service lift proves to be a valuable asset for independent automotive repairers. Here we will explore the advantages and suitability of a mobile service lift for small independent garages 

Sun SSL-35 Mobile Mid-Rise Scissor Service Lift

The small size and portability make this a great investment for any busy garage. It is ideal for small general garages as well as larger multi-bay repair centres.


Fully Mobile: The integrated mobility kit makes it possible to move the service lift to where it is needed, anywhere in the workshop

Suitable for a wide variety of vehicles: Rated maximum lifting capacity of 3500kg within a range of 110mm and 1000mm, ideal for both cars and light commercial vehicles

Safety systems include: Pneumatic safety locking system, foot protection bar, hydraulic pressure overload protection system a control unit that operates at 24V

Power ratings: The 2.2kW motor operates from a single phase power supply

*some exceptions may apply

Advantages and suitability of a mobile service lift for independent garages

Space optimisation:

One of the biggest challenges faced by smaller independent garages is limited space. Traditional fixed lifts can occupy a significant portion of the floor area, constraining the workspace available for technicians and causing workflow bottlenecks. A mobile service lift, on the other hand, offers a compact and portable alternative. With its smaller footprint and manoeuvrability, it can be easily positioned in different areas of the garage as required, to make the most of all of the available floor space. 

Versatility and Flexibility:

Small independent garages often handle a variety of vehicle types and sizes. Mobile service lifts cater to this need for versatility, as they are adjustable and adaptable to accommodate different types of vehicles, from compact cars to light commercials. The electro-hydraulic lifting system enables technicians to comfortably access and work on various parts of the vehicle, including the undercar components, engine, wheels and bodywork. This versatility reduces the need for multiple specialised lifts, saving both space and cost. 

Enhanced Workflow:

Efficiency is crucial for the success of any garage, regardless of its size, a mobile service lift contributes to streamlining workflow by reducing the time required for lifting and positioning vehicles. Technicians can efficiently address the job with swift setup and easy mobility, avoiding time wastage on lengthier procedures such as positioning manual pump jacks and axle stands. Furthermore, the ease of accessing the underside of the vehicle allows for swift inspections, repairs, and maintenance, increasing the overall productivity of the garage.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Investing in a mobile service lift can be a cost-effective choice for smaller independent garages specialising in general repair and wheel servicing jobs. Compared to traditional fixed- two-post and four-post lifts, mobile lifts tend to have a lower initial investment cost. Additionally, their portability eliminates the need for installing multiple lifts for different areas of the garage. The reduced installation and maintenance expenses make mobile service lifts an attractive option for garages operating on a limited budget.

Adaptability to Changing Needs:

As small independent garages grow and evolve, their operational needs may change. A mobile service lift provides the advantage of adaptability. When a smaller garage expands, the mobile lift can be easily moved and adjusted to fit the new layout. This scalability and flexibility ensure that the lift can continue to meet the changing demands of the business, providing long-term value and investment.


Smaller independent garages require efficient and versatile equipment to maximise their productivity and overcome space limitations. A mobile service lift offers an ideal solution by optimising the available workspace, providing flexibility, enhancing workflow, and being a cost-effective asset. With its adaptability to changing needs, a mobile service lift proves to be an indispensable investment for most independent garages looking to improve their operations and deliver quality service to their customers. 

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