Maximise returns from your MOT equipment

In this article we’ll look at strategies that independent garages can use to attract more repeat customers and make sure they don't lose out on additional MOT business.

Don't miss out on additional MOT business!

As cars become more and more complicated, they require more maintenance and upkeep than ever before. This includes regular servicing, maintenance checks and of course for vehicles over 3-years old, an annual MOT. It is easy to forget when these jobs need to be done and this is a incredible opportunity for garages to help out their customers and remind them that they need to book in!  

By reminding customers to book an MOT, garages can ensure that their customers are not only maintaining their vehicles, but also ensuring that they are in the running for a customer to consider using their services again next year. Garages can take advantage of this by promoting special offers and discounts on MOT test when booking other services at the same time. This is a great way to build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. 

It’s easy to forget!  

There are no official DVSA statistics on the volume of vehicles on the road without an MOT certification, however a Garagewire article based on research carried out from Direct Line in 2021 suggests that 33% of drivers survey realised retrospectively that their vehicles MOT had expired of which 17% using their vehicle for at least a week without a valid MOT. 

Unlike the tax reminder issued by the DVSA, there is no default notification issued to registered keepers to remind that their vehicles MOT is soon due to expire. Vehicle owners can opt-in and subscribe for MOT notifications direct on the website.  Putting it simply, independent garages have a fantastic opportunity to assist customers, and remind them that their vehicles' MOT is due to expire and make sure they aren't unintentionally driving illegally on UK roads. It's also a simple way to get more customers to come back. 

Don’t turn customers away - remind them that their MOT is due before it's too late!  

Consider how many customers you have who call you for an urgent MOT because they genuinely forgot it was due and their current MOT is close to, or already expired.  

MOT demand is at an all-time high with most independent MOT testing stations being fully-booked for weeks in advance, it a difficult conversation to have with loyal or potential new customers that you can’t fit them in to stay legal. 

A customer in this situation needs a MOT test as soon as possible in order to resume driving; if you're booked solid for weeks, you risk losing this business to a rival, such as a national chain, if they have availability. 

The solution is simple, you need to collect customer email addresses so you can remind them to book nearer the time.  

A great way to help secure repeat business from your MOT customers is to collect their email address so you can remind them nearer the time next year to book their MOT.  

There are many simple and affordable ways you can do this: you can add a subscription option to your booking process or even by adding a QR code to your job quotes, invoices and brochures. Customers can then fill in a short form and provide their email address to opt-in and let you know what they want to hear about. This is then added to your database, allowing you the opportunity to stay in contact with your customers directly.  

Email is by far the best and most cost-effective way for independent garages to reach customers directly.

You can send them a reminder that their MOT is soon to expire and remind them to make a booking before it's too late. As part of the MOT reminder, you can create an opportunity to upsell your services. An example of this could be to incentivise customers to combine their MOT test with an interim or full service and a discounted price, a great way to secure additional work at the same time. 

An attractive offer which gives the customer a decent saving when combining multiple jobs together is a great way to increase revenue and get more repeat business. What’s more, if you’re looking to grow your business, it is significantly cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to go out and attract new customers, overall this will make your business much more profitable. 


Research indicates that up to 33% of customers may forget their MOT is due and only realise it after it has passed. With MOT demand at its highest, most independent garages have limited last minute availability, with dairies often booked several weeks in advance. Often it's difficult to accommodate those last minute MOT requests and garages risk losing repeat customers who will opt to the next available workshop to keep their vehicle on the road legally.

Putting it simply, this is a huge opportunity for independent garages to capitalise. Incentivise your customers and leave their email address when they book in for an MOT or service, as they have chosen to receive information from you, you can send them a friendly and helpful reminder that their MOT is soon to expire along with an offer to encourage them to take immediate action and book with you ahead of time.

It's the little nudge customers need to jog their memory and ensure they don't leave it too late, and go a long way to ensuring that you don't miss out on their business next year!

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