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A Step-By-Step Walkthrough of the EZ-Toe Adjust Feature  

In this Equipment Focus article, we take an in-depth look at John Bean® Wheel Alignment products, where we focus on the cutting-edge EZ-Toe Adjust feature. 

Modern vehicles, with their advanced steering systems, present unique challenges for technicians. 

Understanding and effectively utilising the EZ-Toe Adjust feature can significantly enhance accuracy when performing toe adjustments, ensuring a straight steering wheel first time, plus it helps you to ensure longevity of undercar components, correct steering performance and minimise uneven tyre wear.  

Understanding the Complexity of Modern Alignments 

Today's vehicles are equipped with electric-powered and variable-driven steering systems that rely heavily on sensors and torque inputs. These systems can be sensitive and require meticulous adjustments to achieve optimal alignment. The EZ-Toe Adjust feature on John Bean wheel alignment equipment is designed to tackle these complexities, the guided software procedure ensures a precise and straightforward alignment process for technicians of all skill levels. 

The Common Challenges in Toe Adjustments 

When performing a toe adjustment, achieving a straight steering wheel on the first attempt can be tricky. This is often due to the intricate interplay of various components. A more effective method is to start by loosening the adjusters on both sides and monitoring the front axle data on the alignment screen. By bringing both the left and right toe close to the desired set point, you can perform a rough total toe adjustment.

Check out the video below for a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of the complete EZ-Toe adjustment process

*Please be aware that this video was recorded in the USA and demonstrates the EZ-Toe process on a GMC Acadia. The procedure and functionality are comparable for UK and European vehicle models. For further details, please speak to your local Snap-on® Franchisee or Sales Representative. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Easy Toe Adjust Feature 

Initial Setup: 

  • Loosen the adjusters on both sides. 
  • Monitor the front axle data on the alignment screen to achieve a rough total toe adjustment. 

Steering Wheel Centre: 

  • Once the initial adjustment is complete, lower the vehicle and remove the steering wheel lock. 
  • Use a reference point, such as the steering column housing or a piece of painter's tape, to identify the true centre. 
  • Turn the steering wheel left and right, then slowly bring it back to the centre from one direction. 

Activating Easy Toe Adjust: 

  • With the steering wheel centred, activate the Easy Toe Adjust function. 
  • Ensure the steering wheel is level and proceed without using a lock to avoid unwanted energy in the steering column. 

Final Toe Adjustments: 

  • The software will transition to a screen allowing you to adjust the steering angle for better access to hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Make precise adjustments based on the data displayed. For instance, if the wheel is toed out (negative), extend the tie rod. 
  • Tighten the adjuster carefully to the specified torque (e.g., 55 foot-pounds) to avoid overshooting the desired setting. 

Compensating and Equalising: 

  • The software compensates for any movement in the left side during the right side adjustment, ensuring precise alignment. 
  • Follow the software prompts to equalise the toe and verify a straight steering wheel. 

Final Checks: 

  • Conduct a final steering wheel level check by turning the steering left, right, and back to centre, ensuring the toe is equal and opposite. 
  • Verify the steering wheel is level and the data is consistent. 

Achieving Mastery in Vehicle Alignment 

The EZ-Toe Adjust feature is not only about adhering to a specific procedure but also mastering the art of vehicle alignment. By leveraging this advanced functionality, you can achieve more precise and reliable results, enhancing your efficiency and expertise. 

Remember, some vehicles may require additional steps such as a steering wheel calibration sensor relearn or zero-point calibration. Incorporating these steps ensures comprehensive and accurate alignment, maintaining the high standards associated with John Bean products. 

Utilising Advanced Software for Better Results 

The advanced software integrated into John Bean alignment equipment plays a significant role in achieving precise adjustments. The software's ability to compensate for steering angle changes and its user-friendly interface allow technicians to focus on the task at hand without being bogged down by complex calculations. This results in more efficient workflows and better alignment outcomes. 

Effective Strategies for Maximum Efficiency  

  • Use Reference Points: When centring the steering wheel, using reference points such as the steering column housing or a piece of tape can help ensure accuracy. 
  • Monitor Data Closely: Always keep an eye on the alignment data displayed on the screen. This will help you make precise adjustments and avoid overcorrection. 
  • Adjust Gradually: Make small, incremental adjustments to avoid overshooting the desired alignment setting. This approach ensures a more precise final adjustment. 
  • Avoid Excessive Force: When tightening adjusters, apply the recommended torque. Over-tightening can damage components and affect the alignment. 

Additional Calibration Steps 

Some vehicles may require additional calibration steps after the alignment process. These steps can include steering wheel calibration, sensor relearning, or zero-point calibration. 

Performing these calibrations ensures that all vehicle systems are correctly synchronised with the new alignment settings, maintaining optimal performance and safety. 


The John Bean EZ-Toe Adjust feature simplifies the complex task of wheel alignment, making it accessible and manageable even for modern vehicles with sophisticated steering systems. 

By following the steps outlined and utilising the intuitive software, technicians can ensure precise alignments, ultimately leading to better vehicle performance and customer satisfaction. 

Investing in John Bean Wheel Alignment equipment means investing in precision, efficiency, and quality.

The John Bean EZ-Toe Adjust feature is just one example of how John Bean is at the forefront of automotive technology, providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of today's vehicles. 

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